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Providing a Lab that
Works for our clients
and their patients

At our clinical laboratory, we understand the importance of personalized and efficient services for physician clients and their patients. That’s why we are committed to providing fast and reliable services without any phone trees. Our team is dedicated to saving your valuable time and reducing any frustration. Trust us for comprehensive and locally-based clinical laboratory services.

Why Choose Us

Providing the best
possible care


We are a team of local professionals dedicated to providing caring support to our clients and their patients. We are local people providing passionate care to our clients and their patients. No phone trees, just people ready to assist.


We understand that quality is paramount when it comes to delivering services. We take pride in our unwavering commitment to excellence and strive to exceed our clients’ expectations every time. At Lab Works we apply all of our experiences to ensure our customers receive the highest quality services available in the market.


At our lab, we take every specimen seriously. We understand that it’s not just a test, but a process of ensuring quality from the moment of sample collection to the delivery of accurate results. Every specimen is treated with the upmost sense of urgency and care.

Full-Service Lab

Our laboratory is committed to providing you with a seamless testing experience. We offer a comprehensive range of in-house testing services that not only minimize sample transport time but also ensure faster results.

About Us

Who We Are

Lab Works is a clinical laboratory located in Birmingham, Alabama, that has been accredited by CLIA and COLA. Our top priority is to provide exceptional care to patients and our physician customers. We use advanced technology to perform high-quality testing, with a focus on quick turnaround times, providing physicians with the necessary tools to deliver the best possible care to their patients. We are dedicated to being flexible and expedient to meet the needs of our clients while maintaining the highest level of compliance.

All of our employees and leadership team must complete annual and ongoing training to stay up-to-date with HIPAA and other regulatory requirements.


Testing Services We Offer

Comprehensive Testing


LabWorks is a top-quality testing lab that focuses on not only providing high-quality testing but also ensuring high-quality interactions with our clients. We believe that it is not just about conducting a lab test, but it is also about delivering a process of quality from the point of sample collection through test result delivery. Our testing services include Chemistry, Hematology, Molecular, Toxicology, and Microbiology Testing.

Our Services

Services We Provide

Each department has dedicated lab supervisors, lab technicians, and assistants to give every sample the care it deserved.  Partnering with equipment manufactures such as Quigen, Thermo Fisher, Ortho, and Schimadzu allows for incredible maintenace plans and care for our infrastructure.

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